OBO Robo PLUS Hand Protector Left

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Larger, bigger and more saving surfaces giving the best predictable rebound. Customise exactly to your game.


  • Air holes to help prevent water and sweat build up
  • Thumb grip creates a strong grip to enable enhanced ball control for more predictable clearances
  • Full adjustable strap to allow you to customise security on the hand versus freedom of wrist movement
  • Finger grip (internal) for more feel, control and stability on the hand
  • Hand sits further towards the bottom of the glove to enable more reach above the fingers
  • Sweeping side edges to enable easy, consistent and accurate ground sweep clearances, great for scrambling in the 7-yard zone!
  • Angled transitional top edge enables strong, natural, quick transitions from ground to standing
  • Flat large saving face, built to maximum legal size, provides the biggest saving surface ever offered by OBO
  • Ergonomic 'palm bump' is designed to support your hand in a relaxed and comfortable position