Atlas Tour Wheel Bag

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The Atlas Tour Bag is a huge bag, perfect for those traveling with only one bag (room for your hockey kit and luggage in one), also a great option for coaches to carry all of their training equipment.

Designed for those with lots of gear to carry but don't want the bulk of a goalie bag. Lots of great features make this a must have bag for those who need to move lots of gear.


  • All Atlas bags feature reinforced stitching on all seams
  • Where other brands are lacking on bag designs & quality, Atlas bags are made tough to last you longer.

Retractable luggage style handle

6+ large pockets

Able to self stand when full

Reinforced base for durability

Clip straps

Double zippers on all pockets

Will fit any size stick up to 38.5"

Sturdy luggage style wheels

Dimensions: 101cm long, 38cm width and 32cm high.