Atlas Player Wheel Bag

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The Player Wheel Bag is the perfect option for those who like to take life easy, a sturdy pair of wheels makes dragging this bag around a breeze.

Designed for travel or those who for whatever reason don't like to or can't carry a bag full of gear, similar to the Elite bag but with even more pockets, this is about as good as hockey bags get.


  • All Atlas bags feature reinforced stitching on all seams
  • Where other brands are lacking on bag designs & quality, Atlas bags are made tough to last you longer.

Double backpack style straps

13+ pockets

Able to self stand when full

Reinforced base for durability

Detachable straps for travel

Double zippers on all pockets

Will fit any size stick up to 38.5"

Sturdy luggage style wheels

Dimensions: 111cm long, 28cm high, 36cm width.