Adidas LX24 Kromaskin

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This brand new top level stick from adidas has a carbon fibre material wrapping the stick shaft which enhances structural performance. Fresh out of the stick mould there is no paint on the majority of the stick shaft creating a unique looking stick. Spread tow technology taken from F1 racing uses tightly packed uniform fibres woven together creating a higher fibre content per area increasing the strength and durability of the stick, as well as more consistent weight distribution. A pre-moulded epoxy core in the head produces superior layer compaction creating a more consistent head structure which improves consistency and response when passing and receiving the ball. New Mid Bow Pure control head shape to provide ultimate control in all situations. Enhanced surface area from classical head shapes. adigrip tape combining traditional PU with Chamois-like touch. Touch compound helps to keep the ball under control at the contact point.