Adidas LX24 Carbon

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Adidas: LX 24 Carbon Hockey Stick – 37.5 Inch – Light

Created for the masterminds on the pitch as their ally for multi-directional actions to lead the game. The new Pure Control Head offers a bigger surface to own the ball in all situations. 90% carbon to dampen shock absorption and increase swing speed for powerful ball contact. Designed with a perfectly balanced mid-bow to easily control passing, hitting, dribbling and speed.

The new Pure Control Head offers a bigger surface for ultimate control of the ball in all situations. Based on the former classic head shape, it is shaped for reduced headweight and a centralized sweetspot.

3-Layer Carbonplate for catapult-like acceleration when hitting. The Carbonplate stiffening technology allows better bonding and more integrated stiffness to improve energy transfer which results in more powerful shots.

Touch compound will support the contact patch with hook-to-ball and keeps it under control for better accuracy and ball movement.


  • Contains 90% Carbon / 5% Glass Fibre / 5% Aramid
  • Weight 540 GM +/-
  • Balance 390MM
  • Bow ADIBOW24
  • Point of Maximum Bow from bottom 250MM