Adidas FLX24 Kromaskin

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Amplify your hitting power while honing your shot accuracy with this hockey stick built for skilled players focused on the net. The Hypetex Kromaskin dampens shock and helps improve swing speed for powerful contact that sends the ball into the net. Designed with a 450 lay-up reducing vibrations for a softer touch.


Hypetex Kromaskin is a micron-thick alloy treatment for 24T carbon fibre. This coating reducing fibre damage and abrasion pre and post production to maintain structural performance.


Face angles and rear geometry are designed to promote 3D skills and cleaner hitting. Trapezoid cross section improves torsional resistance and stick stiffness compared to conventional stick design.


Spread tow technology taken from F1 racing uses tightly packed uniform fibres woven together creating a higher fibre content per area increasing the strength and durability of the stick, as well as more consistent weight distribution.


Epoxy core technology uses a pre manufactured part in the shape of the head, this preform core has highly uniform predictable properties.


The new Pure Control Head offers a bigger surface for ultimate control of the ball in all situations. Based on the former classic head shape, it is shaped for reduced headweight and a centralized sweetspot.


Touch compound will support the contact patch with hook-to-ball and keeps it under control for better accuracy and ball movement.