Adidas DF24 Carbon

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Keep your opponents on the defence with this powerful hockey stick. Designed for offensive plays and drag flickers, 90% carbon to dampen shock absorption and increase swing speed for powerfull ball contact. The 3d Hook unleashes the creativity of players while the Carbon and the Carbonplate offer the ultimate hitting power.


3-Layer Carbonplate for catapult-like acceleration when hitting. The Carbonplate stiffening technology allows better bonding and more integrated stiffness to improve energy transfer which results in more powerful shots.


Revolutionary hook shape designed for creative dribbling in all three dimensions and 360o directions. With an increased toe area, the 3d head is shaped for reduced headweight and a centralized sweetspot.


Touch compound will support the contact patch with hook-to-ball and keeps it under control for better accuracy and ball movement.


Contains 90% Carbon / 5% Glass Fibre / 5% Aramid
Weight 520 GM +/-
Balance 390MM
Point of Maximum Bow from bottom 200MM