Adidas AX24 Compo 2

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Adidas: AX24 Compo 2 Hockey Stick 37.5 Inch – Light

This totally new shape is an expression of power and confidence, designed to get into the “D” and to aim to score at the top corner. The new Pure Control Head offers a bigger surface to own the ball in all situations. 50% Carbon and the Carbonplate offer high hitting power while the glass fibre delivers a slightly softer touch.

The new Pure Control Head offers a bigger surface for ultimate control of the ball in all situations. Based on the former classic head shape, it is shaped for reduced headweight and a centralized sweetspot.

Most aggressive low bow profile featuring a smooth but steep blade to allow unmatched acceleration and accuracy performance.

Enhance your comfort with a softer feel grip tape that feels more like leather chamois than the straight polyuthrene tape.


  • Contains 50% Carbon / 45% Glass Fibre / 5% Aramid
  • Weight 534 GM +/-
  • Balance 390MM
  • Bow 4XTREME24
  • Point of Maximum Bow from bottom 200MM