Hockey Stick and Shin Pad Sizing Guide

Choosing the Right Hockey Stick for You

Choosing a hockey stick depends on your personal preference for the Brand, Size, Shape, Curve, Strength Level and the weight balance preferences. Please give us a call if you are not sure of what is suitable for you & we will help you choose the right one. Or if you live locally please pop into the shop and try as many as you like in our huge hit up area.

Hockey Stick Sizing Guide

Player Height [cm]
Stick Length
< 122
123 -131
132 -140
141 - 152
153 - 161
162 -177
178 -185
190 <

Shin Pad Sizing Guide

Below is a guide to finding the correct size shinpad for your leg. The measurements should be taken from the top of your foot up your shin not quite all the way to the knee (there should be some separation between the top of the shinpad and the bottom of the knee).
If you are still unsure of what size to go with please give the store a call during business hours (Perth time) on (08)6162 3758 for some further assistance.